Payment Options

The following are the only payment options to be acknowledged by Travelax.

Mode of PaymentDetailsProcessing
UnionBank of the PhilippinesAccount Name: Travelax Travel and Tours
Account No.#: 0027 1001 0581
Account Type: Basic Checking Account (SME)
5 min – 30 min

1 – 3 days
Banco de Oro | BDO UnibankAccount Name: Travelax Travel and Tours
Account No.#: 0047 9026 5954
Branch: BDO Cavite Dasmarinas Techno Park Cavite
1 – 3 days
G-CashG-Cash No.#: 0917-823-0436
G-Cash Name: Alexamyl R.

G-Cash No.#: 0916-487-3224
G-Cash Name: Alexaire R.
5 min – 30 min
PayMayaPayMaya No.#: 0916-487-3224
PayMaya Name: Alexaire R.
5 min – 30 min
GrabPayNo.#: 0917-823-0436
Name: Alexamyl R.

No.#: 0916-487-3224
Name: Alexaire R.
5 min – 30 min

Please inform us before sending any form of payment.
Please verify that you have the correct information before proceeding with any payment.
Please send proof of payment to [email protected].

Check payments are not acknowledged until they are cleared by the bank.
Delays in payment processing may happen due to unforeseen circumstances, even so payments will only be honored after verifying it with our account.

We will acknowledge your deposit as soon as we have confirmed and verified with our account.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, clarifications or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact our office.