Educational Field Trip

Field trips help to spark students’ interest in learning and can make learning more enjoyable and memorable.

Educational field trips provide students with hands-on learning experience that help them to better understand the concepts they are learning in the classroom.

Benefits of educational field trips:

    • Increased motivation and engagement

    • Improved understanding of concepts

    • Increased creativity and problem-solving skills

    • Enhanced social skills

    • Broadened horizons

    • Increased appreciation for the world around them

Educational field trips can be a valuable addition to any curriculum. They can help students to learn in a more meaningful way and can make learning more enjoyable.


Educational Field Trip Packages Inclusions:

  • Complete package for field trip – customizable for the needs of your school!
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Free Ocular for up to 2 persons
  • Guaranteed Air-conditioned Tourist Bus w/ Amenities
  • Tarpaulin per bus with school name, logo, etc.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Free Meal for Teachers
  • Mini-games and Prizes
  • Field Tour Coordinators
  • Inclusive of Tax

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