Travelax Visa Assistance South Korea Visa

South Korea Visa

Tourist | Business

Visa TypeSingle/Multiple
Processing5 – 10 Business Days
Visa Fee-GRATIS-
Processing FeePHP 1,388.00

Step by Step Guide

  • Fill Out Forms

  • Submit Documents

    We only accept complete documents.

  • Pay the Visa Processing Fee

  • Wait for Results

    Results will be released after 5 – 10 Business Days (subject to change).

South Korea Visa Requirements

General Requirements

  1. South Korea Visa Application Form
  2. Passport
    • Valid 6 months beyond intended stay
    • Passport Bio Page (Copy)
    • Valid Visas and Arrival Stamps to OECD Member Countries in the past 5 years (if applicable)
  3. Personal Photo/Picture
    • Passport Size
    • White Background
  4. PSA Birth Certificate
  5. PSA Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Bank Certificate
    • Valid for 3 months
      must include the following:
      • Account Type
      • Current Balance
      • Account Opening Date
      • 6 months Average Daily Balance (ADB)
  7. Bank Statement (Original or Certified True Copy)
    • Valid for 3 months
  8. Latest Income Tax Return (Copy)
  9. Authorization Letter

Additional Requirements


  • Certificate of Employment – must include the following:
    • Applicant’s Position
    • Date Hired
    • Compensation
    • Office Address
    • Landline Numbers (Mobile number not allowed)
    • Email Address
  • PRC/IBP ID (Copy) (if applicable)
  • Company ID (Copy)
  • Approved Leave of Absence


  • Business Registration – DTI or SEC (Copy)
  • Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit (Copy)
  • PRC/IBP ID (Copy) (if applicable)


  • Original School Certification
  • School ID (Copy)
  • Parent’s Documents (refer to additional requirements)


  • Senior Citizen Card / Retirement Documents

Foreign Nationals

  • ACR I-Card (Copy)

If company will shoulder trip

  • Guarantee Letter
  • Company Bank Certificate
  • Company ITR
  • Business Documents

Additional Requirements

  • If invited to South Korea
    • If personally invited by Korean:
      • Invitation letter
      • Inviter’s Passport or Identification Card (Copy)
    • If invited by Company in Korea:
      • Invitation Letter
      • Korean Company Business Permit (Copy)
  • Proof of Relationship – If Bank Documents to be submitted are named to another family member

Special Notes

  • Additional requirements may be required by the embassy without prior notice.
  • Personal appearance is not required (unless the Embassy request for it).
  • Please submit Original documents, unless specified.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I submit my Visa Application Form and Required Documents?

You may head directly to our office and submit your documents.

Is personal appearance required?

It depends on what Visa you are applying for. Some application does not require personal appearance.

Do I need to submit my passport?

Yes, you will need to submit your SIGNED, ORIGINAL, VALID PASSPORT. Please also submit old passport with VALID Visa.

My passport is missing/damaged/full.

Please contact DFA-OCA.

Do I need to submit original documents?

In most cases, you have to submit original documents, unless indicated that only copy is required.

I am lacking a few additional requirements, will you still accept my documents?

In most cases, we do not accept incomplete requirements. However, if you will still insist that we proceed with your application In spite of the high chance that the embassy will reject/deny this application due to improper/lacking documents, then please request to sign for a waiver so we can proceed.

Do you Guarantee Visa Approval?

Approval or Denial of Visa application is upon the discretion of the Embassy and its consuls.

Can I cancel my visa application, how much refund will I receive?

All visa fees and processing fees are final and non-refundable.

Will you return my documents after application?

Aside from your passport, all documents submitted and accepted by the embassy will not be returned.

How will I receive my passport after visa application?
  • If the applicant will receive the passport, please bring valid ID.
  • If a representative will receive passport, please bring authorization letter with signature, copy of applicant ID, and representative valid ID.
  • You may also opt to receive via courier. The courier/delivery fee is charged to the applicant.