Travel Itinerary

By OJT Travelax

Traveling is not as simple as choosing a destination and booking your plane ticket and accommodations. Travel itineraries ensure that you can manage your time to visit certain destination, this helps you to maximize your time and ensure to visit your dream destination.

Here are the 7 easy steps in guiding travel itinerary.

1. Make a wish List

  • Creating a list of all the places you want to visit and activities that you would love to do in the destination is a great way how to start planning your dream vacation, write down everything you know about the places you are going to visit in your travel notebook.

2. Create Budget

  • Every holiday planning start with creating a travel budget, it doesn’t matter if you want to stay in 5-star hotel or in a first-class restaurant, thinking about the budget will also help you to select places you can afford to visit or the way of transport how you can reach them. Make you travel budget realistic since some of destinations are more expensive than others.

3. Decide on Season

  • Most travel destinations around the world have high season which is more comfortable for traveling for many seasons but also more crowded, and low season when you can expect more relaxed atmosphere but also a bit more unstable weather condition.

4. Plan your trip together

  • If you’re going to spend your trip with your partners, family, or friends, get them involved. Share your ideas and dreams with others and let everyone do the same.

5. Be flexible

  • We didn’t want to discourage you from the very beginning but there’s things a perfect itinerary, your flight might be delayed, or restaurant in the city will be close due to technical or natural problems, make sure you have couple of extra days left to help you with adjusting your plan in case something you cannot expect goes wrong.

6. Balance Itinerary

  • Prioritize the order of you place you want to visit find the best way to visit them and keep your itinerary realistic. Select what you can’t miss and what you think won’t be that spectacular, consider distance between destination and make sure everything make sense.

7. Collect all the information for you trip

  • Your hotel bookings, flight ticket, restaurant reservation, travel insurance details, make a hard copy of all documents and keep them safe in a passport wallet. A great way idea is also to book things in advance, you can save some money and ease you mind as you will have everything reserved once in a destination.

Extra Tip!

Include the contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate in case of emergency, you never know when this information comes handy. Remember travel itinerary is not binding contract it only helps you travel to go smoothly, and best itinerary is often the most flexible one.

By Rowell Cynthyll Bronzal

Articles & Photography by Lucie Hermankova and Martin Tychtl